Any Part You Need: Machined to Stamped

Why use a metal stamping process instead of having your part machined? Because metal stamping is much less expensive and holds the same quality.

Our in-house process allows us to make the most complex dies and stampings that other manufacturing companies cannot. Bring us a part which is currently being machined, and we will analyze it to determine if it is a candidate for the stamping process. Often we can use our proprietary flow control process to produce a variety of high quality parts. If your part can be stamped, we’ll provide a quote to develop prototype stamped parts for testing. Once complete, Trueline will build production tooling and produce your stamped parts. As a high volume metal stamping manufacturer, we’re ready to work with you!

To see some of our custom stamping processes, watch our featured stamping videos:

Challenge us with your next complex stamping project, contact us today.

Sample Stamped Parts

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